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Belden Q1 2023 - Product Announcements

Belden Launches Solutions to Manage Media Outputs and Security System Connections in Q1 2023.

Data Acquisition & Transmission

Belden offers products like wire, cable, connectors and other technology that can be used to connect to a device to a network to acquire a signal and move data (and possibly power) from Point A to Point B to improve efficiency, communication and collaboration.

Belden Custom Broadcast Panels and Enclosures offer unmatched levels of adaptability to manage multiple media outputs in large venues. They can be designed to accommodate whatever broadcast and professional AV connector types and configurations are needed to best fit the application. Customization features include etching, prewiring, panel height and connector location and alignment. Custom Broadcast Panels and Enclosures can be used in racks, in broadcast panel junction boxes or on walls in stadiums, arenas, university auditoriums and broadcast AV environments (only available in Americas and LATAM regions).

Belden NewGen CPR-Rated Access Control Cables bring a new level of simplicity and convenience to any security installation to reduce labor costs while achieving optimal signal transmission performance. A cost-effective solution to support connectivity of security systems, Newgen CPR-Rated Access Control Cables are available with a high flame rating to enhance safety and meet North American and European fire safety regulations.

Belden's Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) product portfolio offers compact and lightweight receptacles and cordsets for cost-effective connectivity in industrial and transportation environments where the ability to monitor, share and analyze real-time data is essential to optimizing operations. The SPE portfolio supports up to 10 Gbps and protects against mechanical shock, vibration, dust, chemicals and temperature extremes. The simplified network topology enables seamless connectivity from sensors to the cloud.