Setting the Standard in Customer Support

As a leader in signal transmission solutions, Belden does not just deliver products of the highest quality; it also meets the needs of its customers around the globe through secure and seamless supply chains. To provide you with our best at all times, we have appointed a select group of Preferred Partners, authorized to successfully supply, deploy and optimize Belden solutions.

Belden Preferred Partners provide a secure supply chain service to meet your specific needs, offer a fully manufacturer-backed warranty, and deliver the high level of pre and post-sales service and support you require for your mission critical applications.

Choosing a Belden Preferred Partner assures a:


Secure supply chain sourced direct from the the manufacturer and delivered to your doorstep


Local access and high availability of Belden inventory


Fully manufacturer-backed warranty on genuine Belden products


Trusted Partner with the technical competence to select the right solution for your needs


World-class support from trained and certified service providers

Do not Settle for Less

We want you to enjoy the full benefit of Belden products and solutions and strongly caution against buying from unauthorized channels.


Since we neither have a formal relationship with these Channels nor are able to verify the quality and validity of their Belden products and supply chains, we may not be able to support you if you should experience difficulties with these products.

When purchasing from unauthorized Channels you run the risk of these goods being ineligible for Belden manufacturer’s warranty.

Products from Unauthorized Channels may be:


Fake: cheaply produced look-a-like products often branded as “Belden” or referred to as “equivalent”


Unfit for purpose: not meeting your exact specifications


Unfit for sale: reconditioned or altered without Belden endorsement


Incorrectly specified: usually sub-standard product that is not manufactured to the required industry standards or Belden’s patented designs


Non-approved goods: sourced via non-recognized supply chains such as 2nd hand goods or recycled scrappage

To ensure the integrity of your purchases, we recommend that you only purchase our products from a secure and seamless supply chain via authorized
Belden Preferred Partners.

Visit www.beldensolutions.com/en/Where2buy to find the Preferred Partner or Certified System Vendor closest to you.



Preferred Distribution Partners, or PDPs, provide world-class inventory and supply chain services for Belden products and services, as well as complimentary technologies. and uphold sales, engineering and support capability in keeping with the Belden brand.


Belden Preferred Solutions Partners, PSPs, provide a variety of specialized services including design, configuration, pre-sales service and technical support of networks and systems based upon a Belden infrastructure to deliver a complete solution that meets your specific needs.


Belden IBDN Certified System Vendors, CSVs are independent contractors with proven capability to design and install Belden IBDN Structured Cabling Systems, CSVs are authorized to offer the Belden 25-year Product Warranty for systems sold and installed to applicable certification guidelines.