The IRIS certification label proves that Belden's Hirschmann™ brand meets the railway industry's extremely rigorous demands on quality. It confirms that the network specialist is an approved partner for highly available data communication solutions on trains and along railroad tracks.

Belden's Hirschmann™ brand has been IRIS-certified since 2009


The International Railway Industry Standard (IRIS) defines the stringent process requirements that the railway industry expects companies to meet. The benefits gained by the railway industry, however, are also enjoyed by other areas also at the focus of Belden's business activities, such as the aerospace, automotive, energy and food sectors. The implementation of an IRIS-compliant management system enhances overall professionalism in dealing with long-term project business, and brings it to the level that is also increasingly expected by the process and automation sector.

  • Developed and manufactured according to company processes compliant with the tough IRIS requirements, Hirschmann™ products meet the highest quality standards. Customers who use these products benefit from reliability, availability and easy maintenance.
  • Lifecycle costs for development, operation and maintenance of the products are calculated in collaboration with customers, ensuring a high degree of cost transparency across the entire product lifetime.
  • Optimum operational reliability and system availability are guaranteed through comprehensive support, which starts in the development phase and continues through production and servicing right up to obsolescence management. An extensive global network of resources provides on-site technical support.

Belden maintains its first-rate quality standard by continuously refining its processes. We treat every order as a special challenge, regardless of whether it involves a standard solution or a customer-specific development. Whenever necessary, we adapt our products and services to meet your precise requirements. Although flexibility is key, the range of benefits we offer our customers is a constant feature of our activities. Regardless of the type and size of the project, these benefits form the basis of everything we do –good reasons for partnering with Belden.

Because we know exactly where and how our switches are used, we are able to develop new products to meet your special needs. In addition, our ongoing analysis of the market situation enables us to constantly extend our technological lead and provide you with further future-proof solutions.
We supply you with high-quality text modules for your bids.

Hirschmann™ switches are developed, verified, validated and manufactured in line with the strict IRIS requirements and consistent use of the V-Model, thus ensuring the highest quality standards.

Your individually pre-configured switches plus your specific software releases will be manufactured and validated as part of the standard process across the entire supply chain.

Product traceability from device level right down to sub-assembly level makes for active risk management and substantially lowers costs.

In the case of customer-specific products and processes, active change management and transparent communication methods are standard features. This ensures that you will be immediately informed of any process changes.

Our proactive emergency management guarantees an uninterrupted production and delivery process bringing you the highest possible degree of supply security.

Proven on-vehicle network solutions for the Mass Transit Industry

We work closely with all the leading players in the transportation market: operators, manufacturers and system integrators. In a sector where security and availability are critical, we offer innovative products, ranging from Hirschmann™ industrial switches and active devices to Belden® cabling, connectivity and cable management products.

This portfolio is combined with an unmatched range of services, from engineering to maintenance. Customers throughout the industry rely on Belden to provide a range of solutions that meet their most advanced requirements.

The IRIS standard ensures full compliance with ISO 9001 and goes considerably further than the industry-independent ISO 9001:2008 standard. What's more, IRIS also takes the user's requirements into account.

Level achieved with IRIS company processes compared with ISO 9001:2008



This graphic illustrates the quality of the processes at Hirschmann™ in comparison with the ISO 9001:2008 requirements and the IRIS standard.
Quality drives competition across the globe. Continuous improvement is therefore key in any market. By implementing the IRIS standard, Hirschmann™ creates considerable added value for its customers.

Among other things, the International Railway Industry Standard supports

  • customer support across the entire product lifecycle, starting in the development phase and continuing through production and servicing right up to obsolescence management.
  • bid management
  • configuration management for products
  • product and process development using an integrated approach such as the V-Model, including verification and validation on the basis of RAMS: Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety
  • calculating lifecycle costs/TCO for development, operation and maintenance of products
  • change management including customer communication for customized products
  • traceability from device level down to sub-assembly level
  • a continuity management contingency plan

Standards relevant to the railway sector

EN 50155; Environment (climate, voltage fluctuations)
EN 50121-4; EN 50121-3-2; EMV
DIN 5510-2; N NF 16-101/102; prEN 45545; Fire protection on railway vehicles
EN 61373 Vibrations/shock


The IP67/54 switches in Hirschmann's OCTOPUS family comply with all these requirements and are therefore ideally suited for use in the railways sector.

Eleven good reasons why you should opt for Hirschmann™
1. Robust Design
The IP67/54 switches in the OCTOPUS product family from Hirschmann™ are ideal wherever there is a need for efficient and reliable data communication under extreme conditions. They are just as suitable for installation on trains and ships as they are for use at field level in factory and process automation Whether devices need to withstand mechanical stress, moisture and condensation, dirt, dust or vibrations – the OCTOPUS family can continuously monitor status information, for example in a HIPER ring, and transmit reports to central Hirschmann™ switches feature minimal heat generation. This means fan cooling is unnecessary and the devices have an extremely high MTBF value (Mean Time Between Failures). Furthermore, devices can be operated at temperatures of up to +85 °C.  

2. Low Total Cost of Ownership
Power needs are kept to a minimum through use of the latest technology. What's more, methods leading to substantial reductions in energy use during operation are under development as part of the "Energy Efficient Ethernet" standard.
Hirschmann™ switches are optimized for temperature as part of their design, making additional cooling superfluous. Because the energy required for cooling normally equals the power consumed by the device itself, this halves the application's total energy requirements. Furthermore, remote maintenance options reduce the need for on-site service to an absolute minimum.

3. Easy to Configure
Managed switches feature a built-in (password protected) web interface. Configuration via SNMP and command line interface (CLI) is also available. Remote configuration and monitoring is possible through the network.  

4. Fast Replacement
Configuration data and operating software of the switches can be stored on an external ACA. This enables easy commissioning and fast replacement.
5. IT-Compatible
Fully IT-compatible managed switch functionality with SNMP and RMON; compatible with industry standard network management tools and other brands of switches.  

6. Media Redundancy Options
HIPER-Ring allows simplified redundant network topologies which will recover from media failure within 50 ms (Gigabit ring) or 300 ms (100 Mbps ring) – no software configuration is required. RSTP (Rapi Spanning Tree Protocol) and trunking/link aggregation redundancy is also available.

7. EtherNet/IP and PROFINET Profiles
and monitor your managed Ethernet switches from within the PLC/HMI. For example, “over temperature”, “lost redundancy”, “link status”, and “security violation” could all be displayed on a PanelView Plus or Step 7.  

8. Fault Contact(s)
97 % of the switches include at least one configurable fault contact that can provide indication of lost power supply, lost link, lost redundancy, temperature out of range, etc.
9. Broad Product Line
Serial fiber optic converters, fieldbus repeaters for all major protocols, managed and unmanaged switches (4 – 52 ports in an almost limitless copper/fiber mix), Layer 3 routers, media converters, wireless, firewalls with VPN tunneling and network management software (SNMP and OPC).  

10. Network ”Visualization”
Industrial HiVision software allows for easy monitoring of the Ethernet network without IT knowledge. Capable of monitoring and alarming redundant ring status, bandwidth utilization, availability, etc. of switches and other Ethernet devices (e. g., servers, PLC, HMI, I/O, drives) on the network.
11. Design Innovation
Continuous product innovations to meet expanding customer needs. This includes gigabit, industrial profiles, software tools, form factors (e. g., IP67 OCTOPUS switch), USB port built into switch, etc.  

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Proven on-vehicle network solutions for the Mass Transit Industry




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