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Waste Water Treatment


Water is the world’s most precious resource and water treatment plants provide an essential service to guarantee the required quality. Modern waste-water treatment plants are large-scale facilities that require a high degree of automation. To achieve drinking water quality, the raw water must be processed in order to comply with a variety of standards, defining such as clarity, maximum content of organic material, heavy metal, solvents, pesticides or pathogen germs. In addition, the water should be soft and have a good taste.

ARA waste water purification plants Bielefeld


Hirschmann™ provided an Ethernet solution in two waste water purification plants (ARA), using open, non-proprietary, and universal systems. The universal feature refers to the networking, the process control engineering with PLC programming and the service provider responsible for the construction of the plant. This makes it easier to construct and operate the plant at a higher level. Using standard industrial communication components, the technical processes are optimized through continuous control throughout the stages of the cleaning process. Hirschmann™ technology ensures high availability and trouble-free operation.

Energy-saving LED technology


Architects and designers worldwide are using accent lighting to make buildings stand out in urban landscapes. Entire buildings are being turned into luminous elements that are highly conspicuous and catch the attention of onlookers. Thanks to a tailor-made application solution, Lumberg Automation™ was able to further the vision of its customers: two experts from the electronic building technology and glass fittings sectors.

Using a specially developed Lumberg Automation™ connector and distributor system, our customers have been able to create a patented point fixing product with integrated LED illumination that holds glass façades securely in place and presents them in a completely new light. Based on a safe and uncomplicated low-voltage technology, the LEDs integrated in these point fixings are controlled and powered via a BUS system connected to the building’s digital services. Control and programming of lighting scenarios is therefore extremely straightforward. And there are environmental benefits as well: The durability of the Lumberg Automation™ connectors and distributors ensures a high level of product reusability. What’s more, LED low-voltage technology is energy efficient and requires little maintenance.